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Navy air force attack

4.0 ( 3600 ratings )
Jeux Divertissement Action Aventure
Développeur Laeeque Ahmad

Your country is planning an air attack to destroy all the army bases of the enemy in the neighborhood, to make their evil intentions fail. Warships are harbored near the frontier in the deep ocean. You are an expert fighter jet pilot and are assigned the mission to fly from the war ships, penetrate into the borderline and destroy all army bases.
Let the air battle begin and feel the fury of war. Get into the enemy territory and destroy its ammunition and artillery to disable them to counter strike.
Your modern war air plane is equipped with guided missiles and a machine gun. You have to decide quickly which weapon should be used to destroy different assets of the enemy.For tanks, armored jeep and other assets you have to aim and fire the guided missile and for other things machine gun can be used.
- War plane and weapon controls are easy to use.
- High fidelity graphics.
- Cool sounds make you feel fighting a real air war.
- Learn to drive and maneuver a fighter jet.
-Enjoy a lifetime fighting an air combat.